12v Marine Air Conditioner Systems

Quiet, efficient battery powered marine AC!

How do I run my boat ac on batteries? BoatAC can help! We are proud to offer complete battery-powered marine air conditioning systems. We have partnered with Mabru Power Systems to bring our customers super quiet, highly efficient Mabru 24v and 12v boat ac systems. These battery-operated air conditioning units can keep you comfortable all year round without having to run a generator!

24 volt marine air conditioner. Termodinamica. BoatRX. Air Conditioner Battery Powered.
Boat ac powered with 12v lithium batteries to run all night long! Air conditioner battery powered.

What are the advantages of a 12v marine airconditioner?

  • Battery powered marineac is super quiet all night long
  • Having your vessel's air conditioner battery powered means burning less fuel
  • Can run from batteries when sailing, at anchor or mooring OR from shore power
  • Small size of Mabru battery powered air conditioners
  • Battery powered ac is inherently more efficient because power doesn't have to be inverted
  • Charge your batteries with your outboard(s) while cruising and sleep comfortably all night with whisper quiet AC!
  • DC air conditioning components are naturally more efficient than AC marine ac units
  • DC water pumps can run efficiently from the same batteries and are integrated into control system
  • Can run from 24v or 12 volt dc battery systems (depending on the system size, we can help you decide whether to run a 24 volt dc system or a 12v system)
  • Compact size, self-contained battery operated air conditioning Mabru Power Systems units come with lifetime compressor warranties
  • Variable speed fans and compressors are super quiet and efficient on Mabru battery powered air conditioning units
  • Battery operated AC can cool faster with high performance fans (you can feel the returning air go by when they're running on high!)

Want air conditioning and heat on your boat while at anchor or on your mooring ball?

Using advanced lithium ion marine grade batteries and supremely efficient Mabru 12v battery aircon units, we can help you stay comfortable all night without running a generator! The DC battery systems we install are extremely safe, reliable and come with automatic battery protection technology.

Our 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt lithium boat air conditioner solutions can be designed to keep your boat comfortable for 12+ hours without running a generator or being using shore power. There are multiple choices for batteries for battery powered air conditioning on your boat. Most customers prefer Lithium Ion technology for its lighter weight and reliability.

air conditioner battery powered
Vessel battery banks can power your ac.

How can I add dc air conditioning to a boat powered with outboards?

We can install a highly efficient, low amp drawing battery powered air conditioners on your boat that can keep your boat cool (or warm) all night long! With marine Lithium batteries and DC reverse-cycle marine ac units, you can charge your batteries directly from your outboard(s) and then keep your cabin comfortable with lightweight, safe, reliable Lithium marine batteries all night!

How can a 12v boat air conditioner run all night without a generator? How many amps does a battery powered air conditioner draw?

Designing a battery powered marine air conditioner system for your boat begins with understanding the cooling and heating capacity required (BTUs) in each climate controlled area of your boat. Once we determine the capacity needed, we match the best Mabru 12v ac system(s) and Mabru salt pumps with the Mabru lithium batteries that will provide the customer desired runtime.

Mabru 12v marineac units use state of the art variable speed compressors and variable speed high powered blower fans. This allows the units to cool (or heat) quickly and then dramatically reduce their power consumption as they maintain the desired temperature.

12v marine air conditioner. Marine Battery Charging System
Mabru Power Systems DC marine ac unit.

Because these lithium marine air conditioner units capture heat or cold from sea water, they're much more efficient than air-to-air style units in most residential homes. They operate the same way that geothermal heat pumps do.

Combining the incredible power density of modern, environmentally friendly lithium batteries with these other technologies, customers can enjoy amazingly quiet, efficient climate control on their boats all year round.

You can find the amp draw of specific size dc marine ac systems here. One major advantage of entirely DC systems is that you don't lose any power inverting power. This means that DC marine air conditioning systems will always be the best low amp air conditioner.

12 Volt Boat Airconditioner Installation Services

BoatAC.net can provide end-to-end battery powered marine air conditioning solutions. We can help design, source, install and service a 12v quiet marine air conditioner system for your sailboat or powerboat. We also provide factory quality air duct, shore power, circulation pump, condensate pump installations.

We can upgrade your current boat ac system to a 12 volt DC Air marine air conditioner so you can have quiet, battery powered heat or ac all night without shore power! The lithium marine batteries offered by companies like Mabru hold WAY more power than traditional lead acid - often with 250AH (@12v) per battery! That's could be enough to run a 6000 BTU marine air conditioner all night!

Even on larger boats, you can run a 24,000 BTU marine air conditioner unit all night with just a few Lithium batteries. With the soft-start and variable speed compressors and fans, you will be surprised how well you'll sleep with whisper quiet heat or ac!

Imagine being at anchor with no generators, no sound of compressors kicking on and off, no loud fans, no bilge running on and off all night and having your cabin at the perfect temperature! We can help you sleep as comfortably on your boat as you do at home!

If you want to learn more about BoatAC.net, check out our about page. You can also look through all the free resources about troubleshooting, installing and repairing marine air conditioners yourself. Links to these resource are on our home page.