Winterize Marine AC

$350 Marine AC Winterization Special will clean air filters, clean your seawater lines and blow the water out of your Marine AC system for up to 2 units for $350!

Marine Air Conditioner Winterization

After a boating season using your boat's air conditioning system, you'll need to winterize your marine ac to ensure that it doesn't freeze during the winter. Before shrink wrapping or covering your boat, you want to make sure that you avoid freeze damage in your boat's AC system.

One of the most common service calls we get in the spring is boat owners calling us to talk about leaks or performance issues when they turn on their boat's AC system.


Winterize My Marine Airconditioner
Marine ac winterization. offers an all in one service to help you prepare your boat for winter and ensure that your boat's a/c starts right up and runs well next spring. Instead of using antifreeze for boat ac, we will use high pressure air and custom-built tools to remove all the fluid from your boat's circulation pump and lines.

Our comprehensive boat ac winterization service includes:

  • Test your marine AC before we begin marine ac winterization. We can help you fix or replace any components that aren't functioning properly
  • Clean out, or replace if necessary (additional fee may apply), all of your marine air conditioning air filters
  • Use our specialized tools to remove debris from your circulation system
  • Use high pressure air and special fittings to winterize boat ac circulation system by removing all fluid

Because we also install and repair all types of marine air conditioners, we're able to quickly fix most issues when we come out to your boat.

If your sailboat, powerboat or working boat has an air conditioner or multiple AC systems, give us a call. All of our marine ac technicians come prepared with specialized training, a truck full or parts and a warehouse with new marine air conditioners. We work with all brands, but usually install Marinaire, Mabru and Mermaid boat AC systems.

Please note that we also repair and install marine heat pumps. You can learn more about our heating services here. Give us a call or click on the button below to schedule service.

Winterize My Boat
Ensure Top Marine AC Performance