Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System

Get More From Your Anti-Fouling Paint

BoatAC.net is proud to offer HullShield Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Solution to our customers. We are an authorized installer of HD1 and HD4 anti fouling devices.

With Hull Shield, your hull will be clean all season long. No more pulling your boat half-way through the season to redo your bottom paint!

Anti-Fouling UltraSonic
HullSheild Ultrasonic Hull Anti-fouling System

No boat owner likes to put antifouling paint on their hull every season. Having to pull your boat to remove marine fouling is expensive and disruptive.

Marine fouling isn't just unsightly. Barnacles and other marine life attached to the hull reduce performance and can even impact safety. Fouling reduces fuel efficiency and makes boats less agile. It's also aesthetically unattractive. 

We selected HullShield because we believe in their antifouling system.

With positive Hull Shield reviews and proven technology, we are proud to offer this antifoul technology to our customers.

The Hull Shield system uses ultrasonic (high frequency) vibrations to make your hull and powertrain unwelcoming to marine life. Hull Shield Ultrasonic doesn't have an adverse impact on surrounding marine environment like some other antifouling technology.

Ultrasonic antifouling systems don't have negative environmental impacts and don't require hull penetration like some fouling system.

Hull Shield HD1 or Hull Shield HD4 anti-fouling systems extend the life of your bottom paint and keep your hull free of fouling.

How to keep hull clean

Traditionally antifouling solutions depending on chemicals that could damage marine life.

The antifouling properties of HullShield ultrasonic are great performance with no environmental damage.

Top 5 reasons to consider installing the Hullshield antifoul system:

  1. Boats perform better with clean hulls. Your boat will be faster, more agile and use less fuel. Environmentally friendly & ocean safe. 
  2. Barnacles are ugly and can be dangerously sharp. The last thing you want to see when you're swimming or diving from your boat are sharp, unsightly barnacles and other marine life. Effectively halts barnacles & hard fouling. 
  3. Fouling on drivetrains reduces performance, decreases economy and can even cause vibrations or imbalances that can damage your boat.
  4. Save money on divers, painting, and haul-outs. Removing fouling is a nasty job that's expensive to hire out. Reduces algae & biofilm accumulation. 
  5. Fouling can clog through hulls that feed your marine air conditioning, your boat motor and other systems on your boat

Benefits of ultrasonic anti-fouling
What are the benefits of Hull Shield ultrasonic anti-fouling?

Utilizing the power of ultrasound, Hull Shield products provide the most advanced antifouling protection available today.  

Hull Shield technology has been used by boaters around the world for many years. It is a popular choice for those looking for the best antifouling solution.



Automated identification and adjustment supports renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. 


Intelligent monitoring will automatically shut off when the battery levels reach a critical low. 


The system operates entirely automatically, just switch it on and it will take care of everything else. 


HD Hull Shield systems are secure for the aquatic ecosystem and can lessen your ecological footprint. 


Experience long-term functionality with a lifetime guarantee for optimal performance and outcomes.

Our solutions provide a completely automated system that operates 24/7 to maintain your boat's cleanliness, eliminating the need for your intervention. Hull Shield is a commitment to your future - begin conserving resources, time, and minimize your stress today. 

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