Tools and Parts for Marine AC Repair We Recommend

We spend a lot of time on the water and working on customer's boats. We have found along the way some brands and models of marine products that work better than others. We've also found some great tools that we depend on daily - sort of our specialty marine tool kit for boats.

We've assembled some of those products here with links to buy them on If you need help installing pumps or strainers, give us a call or learn more about marine air conditioning services.

Sea Strainers and Strainer Baskets

We have found that Groco makes the best raw water strainers for boats. We particularly like the lid design for cleaning strainers while boating. They're easier to reliably open up and clean with their unique Groco sea strainer flush cap.. We recommend Groco sea strainers and Groco strainer baskets.

Hose Clamps

We've been huge fans of Breeze marine-grade stainless steel hose clamps. They are high quality, dependable and don't strip. These marine hose clamps are the best hose clamps for marine use that we've found.

Salt Pump (Seawater Circulation Pumps)

We always install March Pumps. March makes the best combination of reliable, quiet and durable pumps. They make March AC pumps and March DC pumps. We also believe that they supply many of the common marine ac brands. We recommend March air conditioning pumps - some examples are below.

Tools We Use

We often work on boats that don't have easy access to shore power. We also need to turn off breakers as we do the electric work for marine ac installations and repairs. So, we depend on our cordless tools.

This cordless shop vac is very powerful and portable. We use ours on every job. It's the best cordless shop vac Dewalt makes. This 60v air compressor isn't just for inflating tires. It can run tools and clean lines too.

We use attachments like these to clean ac coils. Keep in mind that coil fins are VERY fragile and don't work well when they're bent or damaged.

Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker with Big Sound

This is a product we've used and love. The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Speaker has seriously good sound quality and is portable enough to bring anywhere. It also has a big battery and can charge your phones/devices in a pinch. We think Ultimate Ears make the best outdoor bluetooth speakers with bass that are water resistant.