Chiller AC Unit Installations and Repairs

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What are the advantages of an AC Chiller system?

Chiller AC systems are extremely efficient. They also can provide even very large vessels with centralized, space-efficient marine HVAC. They work with local air handlers in each are to be cooled. As a Frigomar Distributor and Service Provider, offers repairs, new installations and upgrades for all of Frigomar's Marine Air Conditioning Systems.

How do Marine Chiller AC Units Work? 

In ocean aircon systems, chillers circulate cold water from a central chiller location to chilled water air handlers in different parts of the vessel. By using water to transfer heat, chiller systems are able to efficiently cool an entire vessel with one or a small number of centralized chiller units and a chilled water air handler in each zone ensuring that ac flow is effective and efficient.  

The water is chilled by the combination of an evaporative refrigeration cycle and by using outside seawater to "dump heat" into the sea. In this way, they work much like geothermal air conditioners. This type of air marine system uses much less energy than an air to air style heat pump air conditioner. 

Marine AC Chillers

Water is used instead of refrigerant because it allows the heat transfer to happen at longer distances and is much easier to work with. The water then passes through air handlers that pass air over the coils - cooling it and removing some of the moisture. Some units also offer reverse-cycle heating to bring heat throughout your vessel. 

AC Chiller Unit with Inverter for efficient variable speed operation
Single Phase and Three Phase Chiller AC Units for Yachts and Megayachts

Top 10 reasons to consider a chiller for your boat over 60 feet: 

  1. Chiller AC Units are very space efficient and quiet
  2. Marine Chillers from Frigomar come as both on/off style as well as inverter-type variable speed
  3. Chillers require less maintenance than other types of cooling systems, especially for larger vessels
  4. Frigomar Chillers can operate efficiently in a wide range of seawater temperatures to provide comfort for your guests and crew around the globe
  5. Inverter-style Frigomar chiller ac systems are very energy efficient and have low peak current draws during startup (i.e. soft start)
  6. Chillers use much less refrigerant than other types of systems. This reduces cost, environmental impact and maintenance
  7. Marine Chiller Systems from Frigomar come with sophisticated, but easy to use digital controls for maintaining optimal temperatures everywhere on your yacht
  8. Chiller systems from Frigomar come in a variety of sizes and come as single phase and three phase to meet the needs of your yacht
  9. New chiller systems can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption
  10. Chiller-style systems allow for nearly silent air handler operation throughout your vessel

Three large powerboats docked in a marina in a tropical air location
For boats like these, chilled water marine air conditioning may be the best solution.

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