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Is it possible to have whisper quiet AC on my boat?

Yes. There are a number of important elements to building a very quiet marineac or boat hvac system:

  1. You want to purchase a unit that is well made and efficient. We install many Marinaire 16000 BTU units and Mermaid 24000 btu marine air conditioners, which are particularly quiet
  2. You need to make sure you have amply sized return air grills, ductwork and vents. If there are any obstructions to free flowing air, they can cause excess noise
  3. Keep your air filters clean. Most units have more than 1 air filter. This will help with air purification and help reduce noise
  4. Be very deliberate about where you place vents relative to sleeping quarters. Make sure those vents can be adjusted for volume and direction

    How much does it cost to replace my boat's AC? 18000 btu marine air conditioner
    New Groco Strainer
  5. Make sure the circulation pump for your marine ac is properly sized, placed as close as possible to your cool water inlets in the hull and running well
  6. Install a separate condensation pump so that your bilge pump isn't running throughout the night. The condensation pump can be much smaller and quieter than a typical bilge pump

Can I run my boat's air condition on battery power?

Generally, you can't run your boat's AC system on a standard battery setup. However, there are some exceptionally powerful lithium ion systems that can run marine air for 8+ hours.

You'll likely need to install a special DC-powered marine ac unit and ensure that your boat's generator/alternator has sufficient capacity. We've installed these systems for customers and have generally found them to be very effective, but often require a number of systems upgrades (like larger alternators and up-sized wiring).

How much does it cost to install air conditioning on my boat?

Costs to install air conditioners can vary A LOT. We are happy to give you an estimate based on your type of boat and configuration or come to you boat for a consultation to help spec out and price your installation. We can usually do that within a week. If you are looking for marine air conditioner repairs, we can also help.

You can check out our DIY boat AC installation guide here if you want to learn what's involved to install a new boat ac unit, whether it's a 7000 btu marine air conditioner, an 18000 btu marine air conditioner or a 16500 btu marine air conditioner. We recommend Mabru air conditioning, Mermaid marine AC and Marinaire marine air conditioners.

I'm a boat owner and I'd like to get a quote for a marine air conditioner installation. How do I do that?

The easiest way is to fill out the form at the top of this page. We will get in touch quickly to discuss your project.

How do I replace my boat air conditioner near me?

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We match the wood of your boat's interior.

You definitely want someone with years of experience installing and repairing marine ac systems. We serve the east coast with a focus on the Annapolis and Eastern shore areas in Maryland, the Delaware Bay are in Delaware and Brick Township and Cape May in New Jersey. Fill out the form on this page for more details.

When should I install a replacement marine air conditioning unit instead of repairing my boat ac system?

Most boat AC systems last 5-10 years. And, they usually cost more to fix after about 5 years than the cost of replacement. If your compressor is running AND your unit is blowing warm air, it is probably not worth fixing (refrigerant leaks are tough to find and usually indicate other problems).

Many new systems from vendors like Mermaid marine air and Mabru Power Systems are much smaller marine ac units than your boat likely has today. Updating can save you a bunch of valuable space on your boat.

Watch this video for suggestions on what to look for if your marine ac system has error codes or isn't blowing cold air. You can also visit our troubleshooting marine AC page here for step-by-step diagnostics.